Mortgage & Deeds

Checklist & Requirements for Real Property Recordings
  • Instrument prepared by: must have name and address
  • Marital status of Grantors or Mortgagors
  • Complete legal description
  • Signed and notarized with stamp or seal

A self addressed, stamped envelope is required with all mailed envelopes. Please provide a return envelope large enough to hold the documents. Documents are returned the day after being recorded. Need original document to record. Please call the Probate Office at 334-347-2688 or 334-347-2689 if you have any questions.


This is a required form due at the time of filing. The form, called the "Real Estate Sales Validation Form" and labeled "Form RT-1," is to be signed by the grantor, grantee, owner or agent, and requires, in addition to other basic information, the total purchase price, the actual value, or the assessor's market value of the property.

Download "RT-1.pdf"