General Tag Information

Alabama Tag Renewal Requirements under new Mandatory Liability Insurance Law Effective January 1, 2013.

Minimum liability insurance is required on all self-propelled motor vehicles. Some vehicles that are exempt from law include trailers, government-owned vehicles and vehicles covered under a commercial automobile liability insurance policy. Section 32-7a-5, Code of Alabama 1975, provides a list of other vehicles that are specifically exempt from the law.

Please provide the following items if renewing in person at the Coffee County Probate Office or include copies if renewing by US mail.

1 A current Alabama insurance card which included the policy number and Insurance Company Number (NAIC) effective and expiration date

2.  A valid ID for each individual listed on the vehicle registration

3. Present renewal notice or vehicle registration for each vehicle

4. Include phone numbers (home & cell) and email address

5. All information requested on the renewal card must be completed to renew by US Mail

6. Amendments to Section 32-8-30, Code of Alabama 1975, require that if the owner’s legal name has changed from the name on the certificate of title, an application for corrected certificate of title must be made to reflect the owner’s current legal name. Registration cannot be renewed until an application for corrected title has been made.

Renewal Schedule

Alabama law requires annual renewal registration of vehicles each year. A registrant's vehicle tax year is determined on a staggered basis and is based on the registrant's first letter of his last name.

January - A and D

February - B

March - C and E

April - F, G, and N

May - H and O

June - M and I

July - P and L

August - J, K, and R

September - Q, S, and T

October - U, V, W, X, Y, and Z

October/November - National Guard, Heavy Trucks

October/November - Commercial and Fleet Vehicles